Yeah, Nah, Bro

Yeah, Nah, Bro

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Original painting 1m x 1.5m x 4cm

Inspired by the recent events of the Rugby World Cup.
Burly blokes gather at the local to watch the game.
Featuring hulking meat bodies with impressively thick necks drinking vast quantities of beer in their singlets and cute stubbies, harlequin shorts and thick socks and boots.  

Featuring the browns and yellows of the bygone era that still stand strong in rural country pubs.

This painting is from the series "Real New Zealand" where the focus has been on depicting real peoples lives, based on observations on passing situations, sometimes depicted with dark humour, sometimes having details with cryptic innuendo. Even though not likely to end up on someones pretty lounge wall today, these works are one of a kind, rare and unique, making them truly sui generis, therefore in the long run the most valued. 

Sirpas technique is based on rich layers of color on textured canvas. The carefully selected under color for each tonality of light gives the paintings an air of depth.