Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips

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Original painting 1m x 1.5m x 4cm

It is one of those kiwi classics, Fish and Chips.

Wether its the salty sea dog off of the fishing boats or forever hungry college boy, an independent traveller camping incognito in their Honda or Mr and Mrs We-Have-Everything in their $150 000 motorhome, we all want the same thing, our Fish and Chips on a Friday evening.

The sea dog (with an impressive mullet, I have to say) is telling the young boy to do well at school, otherwise he’ll end up like himself, but the youth finds the fishermans stories more interesting than drudging through the education system that seems to be lagging 100 years behind. especially with their ill-fitting and uncool uniform regulations.

The independent traveller has had to go incognito after the freedom camping toilet laws were changed and can no longer camp at the domain. Those spots are now reserved only for the Mr and Mrs We-Have-Everythings that can afford to have $150 000 real campervans.

Mrs We-Have-Everything, though, has announced that she ain’t gonna be cooking on her holiday, hence Mr We-Have-Everything has had to go down to the fish shop to organise some dinner in this godforsaken hick town that doesn’t even have any fine dining restaurants.

This painting is from the series "Real New Zealand" where the focus has been on depicting real peoples lives, based on observations on passing situations, sometimes depicted with dark humour, sometimes having details with cryptic innuendo. Even though not likely to end up on someones pretty lounge wall today, these works are one of a kind, rare and unique, making them truly sui generis, therefore in the long run the most valued.