Dopamine Decor Trend 2024

Dopamine decor is the new feel-good interior trend for 2024.

This trend encourages using daring patterns, colour and texture, be it vibrant accent walls, vivid furniture or extravagant artwork. 

All-white trend is losing its appeal. It’s seen as sterile and lacking personality.

Using lively and outstanding colours and shapes in your spaces can generate physiological and psychological responses and they also have the power to trigger nostalgia and bring back positive experiences.

Be bold and create incredible interiors that trigger happiness and delight by incorporating these vibrant Sirpa artworks into your surroundings. 

The vivid colours, bold design and overall positivity in these paintings complement well the upcoming trend.

They can even be the starting point and the basis for your new interior colour scheme.

Our homes are not clinical magazine pictures but are meant to be our soothing sanctuary where you can be carefree and nurture your inner child. 

Allow yourself to have fun with your favourite colours and momentos and be brave and create spectacular spaces that radiate joyful energy and express your personality rather than muted and minimal design of the past.